ActiveX MBean

The ActiveX MBean provides a management interface for ActiveX components. The management interface is defined by an XML descriptor, which lists the ActiveX properties, methods and events to expose. Properties and methods can be qualified, e.g. property1.property2.thisProperty, property1.property2.thisMethod.

XML ActiveX Descriptor

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<activeX id="InternetExplorer.Application">
      <property name="LocationName" type="String" readOnly="true"/>
      <property name="LocationURL" type="String" readOnly="true"/>
      <property name="Visible" type="boolean"/>
      <method name="Navigate" type="void">
         <parameter name="URL" type="String"/>
   <events id="InternetExplorer.Application.1">
      <event name="NavigateComplete2"/>